Francine Davies - Artist

Our ‘micro-documentary’ about the artist Francine, who lives and works at Ogmore-by-sea. Francine explains her relationship with the landscape and the sea and tells us about her recent adventure, ‘The Iceland Project’. She travelled around Iceland gathering inspiration producing photographs and sketches for larger canvasses. This work is currently on exhibition at the Icelandic Embassy in Kensington, London.

Stop 'n' Go!

Probably the most fun we’ve had this year. We had an exciting brief from PK Safety to shoot several videos for their new product, ‘Stop n Go’ safety gloves. It involved pulling out all the stops with locations, actors, drone, props, costumes, original soundtrack compositions… the works.

We cut sales videos for presentations and short social media versions for their online campaign.

Collaborative Testimonial

This is an example of two businesses collaborating using video as their promotional content.

One business manufactures furniture paint, the other stocks and sells their products. Both get valuable exposure as the stockist's business is strongly featured and the quality and popularity of the manufacturer's products endorsed in this video testimonial.

Each business can use this video content on their websites as well as posting on their respective social media platforms.

Instagram promo

We are currently producing various promotional videos for Cardiff University and this video is an edit for posting on Instagram. Cardiff Uni are targeting 17-18 year olds looking for a place to study. Now that Instagram have extended the permitted running time of videos from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, it provides greater opportunity for exposing your social media video content to a largely younger audience. Instagram users are often younger - teenagers up to 30's are well represented, so we provided this sub 60-second edit mainly for this platform. 

On the subject of social media, here are some interesting user figures from 

UK users estimated for 2017: 

Facebook: 32m - Twitter: 20m - Instagram: 14m - LinkedIn: 21m

But it is important to consider the demographic of these users to determine which platforms are better to expose your content. Age and gender are of particular relevance.

All Under One Roof

Rabart Decorators Merchants have eight stores around the UK and are firm believers in the power of using video posts in their social media strategy. Over the past 18 months, we have used video in many short forms for Rabart, from simple slideshows to customer testimonials and particular store and product promotions. At all times we aim to keep the content short and informative so that viewers will learn something positive about Rabart's products and services. Combined with growing video collections on dedicated You Tube channels for each store, our video content has been used widely on many social platforms. All very nice, however, the main aim of this whole strategy thing is to increase footfall in the stores and improve sales. On those products that we have produced specific targeted campaigns, the like-for-like sales, compared to the same period in 2015, have increased by nearly 30%. Our continued use of video will now extend to a varied and continuous output of "How To" videos highlighting special purpose products and decorating tips offering insight and value to Rabart's customers.